Is there anything I can add to the soap recipe to help? At what stage do you include the Vitamin E DL-Panthanol, Shea Butter and peppermint oil!! The tea tree oil was really strong (!) Hi, The Tea Tree Essential Oil or Lime Essential won’t actually ‘burn off’ in cold process soap. Thanks!! Here is a great Beginner’s Guide to Cold Process Soapmaking that A-M recently put out (it even comes with a free PDF): I made these recently, and so far everyone LOVES them!! Thank you for the info! All of the ingredients I used were from Bramble Berry. 2. Soapbox Tea Tree Shampoo Bar, Eco Friendly Solid Bar Shampoo for Hair | Vegan, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free, Color Safe, and Silicone-Free (3.1 ounces) 4.4 out of 5 stars 333 $14.99 $ 14 . It is full of great tips, explanations and a full step-out tutorial of how to make cold process soap. I’m definitely going to give it a try because I often get customers looking for shampoo bars. Hi Jen! of Shea Butter added to re-do your lye amount; either will work. The recipe contained within this article is for 6 percent superfat. moisturizing, lathering, etc). Love the recipes and everything BB posts to make our life easier.. Just gorgeous. Add fragrance and stick blend to a thick trace. I tried the shampoo bar and used a regular conditioner, and it was still stringy looking all day. Thank you again for all your help – I am grateful I have someone to ask! I think more specifically, I wanted to know what I can use instead of palm oil, which was answered for the lady above me. It’ll be exciting to hear how your palm-free version goes, be sure to keep us updated (you can post pictures on Bramble Berry’s Facebook page)! Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) 1.5 oz Tea Tree Essential Oil. How do you know which amounts to use the colorants at? I have never made CP soap before but I’m getting brave to try out my first batch. Just remember that your soap needs to be at thick trace for this sort of technique to work. Add a ¼ cup unscented castile soap to the bottle. P.S. You’ll see a button that says resize batch. As far as trace goes, you want to stick blend until you achieve a thick trace. And do u have any ideas as to how design a shampoo bar for hard water?? -Becky with Bramble Berry. Another way you can give yourself more time to get those swirls is to work at lower temperatures and with oils that give you more time to soap with. I’m going back to watch them again. Deck the Halls With These 30 Vegan Main Dishes for Christmas, How to Choose a Ripe Winter Squash (and Avoid the Bad Ones in the Bunch! I was going to add liquid silk, honeyquat, shea, cocoa, etc. I love BB Lye Calculator!!! Id like to create my own soaps but do not yet have the confidence to experiment. Recipe for Cold Process Shampoo Bars (yields 3ish pounds) Coconut oil – 30% (10.8 oz.) The lather is incredible, the bar is long lasting, I have shinier hair with zero buildup, and it’s all natural! Coconut Oil –, Rice Bran Oil –, Olive Oil – We used them after only about 2 weeks cure, just couldn’t wait!! You can actually use the Rice Bran Oil up to 100% in any given recipe and it can be substitute for the full amount of Palm in this one. i dont know how else to describe it. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe! I wonder if the Castor Oil could be processed with anything? Everyone is different on this (depending on their hair and type of water), but I find the shampoo to do the job quite well, but I’ve also heard that some people do an apple cider vinegar rinse. recipe making abilities just yet. Thank you for the recipe. Does this look right? Happy Soaping. How do you use this exactly? Just make sure to run it through the lye calculator again. Is there a way to figure out the max temps on a recipe (without ruining it? I’m thinking of […], © 2021 Soap Queen • Site Design by Emily White Designs. -Becky with Bramble Berry. I wonder where is the truth how important adding citric acid is and if not added would it affect the way hair looks like. I just used this recipe last night!! You just judge by how your hair feels when your done using it. I’d either replace all of your water or part of it with frozen GM or you can add some powder at thin trace. Just make sure to boil your beer before using it in your recipe! =) I hope this helps. This blend will last in-shower for up to a month. I have kinky hair, and need to make sure that the bar provides impeccable moisture. Another thing to keep in mind is that hard water versus soft water can be an issue. . Seize!!!! I used Pure Olive Oil and the recipe from Kat above (Tea Tree Shampoo Bars). What can be substitued for castor oil? Get your favorite articles delivered right to your inbox! Do I stick blend until medium or light trace? This would be fun to play with!! -Becky with Bramble Berry. Nourishment And Restorative Properties From The Specifically Chosen Carrier Oils … here locally…for me this is a test program for one year. fyi, getting closer to that “shop” I have Three Pound Batch Shampoo Bar Recipe: This batch would fit perfectly into Bramble Berry’s Silicone Loaf Mold or 9 Bar Birchwood Mold! I hope this helps! In case you were wondering, the shampoo recipe is simply a cold […], […] Australian tea tree oil 5. ladies are going in together to set up shop It’s going to be hard to wait the 6 weeks for curing!!! I’m interesting in trying this, but was curious if I can liquify this like any other natural soap like I have done for hand soap dispensers (by grating it, adding it to distilled water with glycerin and letting it sit for 24 hours). Becky: Add in cocoa butter. This is invaluable to me and I am deeply We feel that it is really important to understand how to work with sodium hydroxide (lye) so that you are soaping on the safe side. There shouldn’t be any reason that the particular EO blend should do that to your soap. I was wondering if I could make a half batch and still have it turn out fine. Restore Health To Both Hair And Scalp With This Addictively Refreshing Peppermint Shampoo Bar For Dandruff And Dry Scalp. You can also add hair-loving extracts like Mallow, Green Tea, Evening Primrose, Dulse, Carrot, Calendula, Buckthorn, Avocado, Aloe or Nettle. Most soapers will choose their ingredients based on what they want their soap to be (ex. We suggest only adding up to 5% in soaps. Thanks! I am a new fan of shampoo bars for many reasons. In a bowl, combine the honey and apple cider vinegar. I just can’t get a swirl at thick trace (heavy, pudding-like consistency). -Becky with Bramble Berry. Castor Oil is great because it draws in moisture to the hair and gives super thick and large bubbles in the shampoo bars. You can always add some vitamin rich oils like Avocado or Sweet Almond Oil to the original recipe if you tend to have dryer hair., P.S. =), I am new to soap making and have made one successful batch of regular soap. It turned out great! Definitely – do the 3 parts as a hydrosol. If your hair is extra dry, try incorporating some vitamin rich oils such as avocado oil or sweet almond oil. Seems like I want a lot. I cant wait for you next tutorial! I’ll have to test this idea in one of my tiny 2-bar batches. 25.01 - 35.00. Anyone else have any problems? ... Shampoo Bar CP Soap Recipe. My husband loves it as a soap and I love it as a shampoo. I had to scoop it out. Was wondering, how much rhassoul clay do you use ppo? Thanks! =). Please support us! If you do end up substituting an oil into this recipe, make sure you run the recipe through the lye calculator again to make sure you have the correct amounts.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,–P5264.aspx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,–P4929.aspx,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Recipe for DIY Shampoo Bars, Cold Process | Kim Werker, Tea Tree Oil, you might like it! ACV also acts as a conditioner. Thanks for sharing! Let me know if you have any other questions. Is that why there is a longer curing time (4-6 weeks). Let me know if you have any other questions. I quickly added the fragrance and colors and got it into the mold ok. Just so I get this straight, you melt the oils in a crock pot and mix lye and water as usual. When I made this recipe, I had to do the same as Amanda and scoop about the last half out of the pot, kind of like using the violet fragrance oil which goes to trace very quickly (or it did for me!). I do have a problem that my hair feels kind of gross afterwards. I made one batch with peppermint EO and the other with some Fragrance oils. What do you think would be a good oil to add? =). First question, my hair stylist says I am lacking protein in my hair. And yes, this shampoo bar is completely sulfate-free! Castor Oil 4oz 22.22% So I’ve been using this bar for six months and really like it. It also helps contribute to the hardness of your bar. Would this help prevent this problem? But, the more liquid you add, the longer it will take to dry. So I used extra but then I couldn\’t get it all rinsed out! I’m kind of new to this whole subject and I wonder how do you figure out the percentages of the oils and butters? , Castor Oil: You can always try to make these or you can see if there is a soaper that you know that will make them for you. That’s a great idea! it says 1.5oz tea tree oil so Can I do half and half. My family loves the shampoo bars. I will let u know how mine turn out. This listing is for one bar. would it be the ‘hard’ water? Shake vigorously before each use. In order to get that swirl at heavy trace, you do have to work a bit fast (having a soaping buddy does help!). If you are wanting a Palm-free recipe, try a combination of Coconut and Rice Bran Oil, or even a blend of Coconut and Olive Oil. Get the shampoo bar recipe kit today and make all natural shampoo right in your kitchen! The only thing different from the origional recipe is I did use unrefined palm oil, which is orange in color. I’d love to try this recipe want to make a palm oil free version. I would think starting with a lotion bar base and adding a ton of clay would be a good place to start for this recipe. I hope this helps! I have a scientific question. I noticed your CP recipes always add fragrance at trace. I have been wanting to make shampoo bars This particular recipe is very close to an ITPS swirl, and you can see an example of this technique in these blog posts: I hope this helps! What is the difference when you start adding all these extra oils and butters to the basic recipe? With the way we’ve tested it (and what we’ve heard from others) this recipe works really well on dyed and processed hair. If you’d like to add just an ounce of Shea Butter, you can either just add an ounce and not change the lye amount or you can fully run the recipe through a lye calculator at a 5% superfat, with that 1 oz. If you are wanting to add Liquid Silk to your cold process recipes, you would not have to readjust your lye calculations and would add it in at trace! I hope this helps! It seems that I have been unable to get the answer to this very important question even though I’ve asked it several times to several different people (this is my first here) Can you use any recipe that has lye in it and do the HP method or are there special recipes only for HP and if so, where can those be found? =). I have watched all 4 of Anne-Marie’s videos on CP soap on Youtube. Ok, I’m new at this and I wanted to know how they did this in a crockpot? I have a question, do we need to add citric acid in shampoo bars to prevent hair look like oakum? ), Magnesium: How to Get Enough and Which Foods Are Best, Milk Life? 3) Or, you can always add Sodium Lactate to your recipe which helps to harden it up as well. P.S. This bar produces a creamy lather and contains a generous amount of pure tea tree oil. =) On another subject, just saw you have SUSPENDING NAIL POLISH!!!! =). Although I am not sure how if would smell, probably need a fragrance oil. Plus, it stimulates new hair growth by removing dead skin cells from hair follicles. You can always add Liquid Silk into soap bars for that special and silky touch to your soap. Thanks! . P.S. . Let’s make this DIY itchy scalp shampoo. It’s so amazing on my hair! BUT DON’T WANT MELT………AND I HAVE OTHER PROBLEM. Next time, I would recommend soaping 10 degrees warmer, don’t water discount, and add the EO’s at a thinner trace. If you have any Coconut or Rice Bran Oil, I would suggest those in place of the Palm. I’m adding shea butter, castor oil, baobab oil, and pumpkin seed oil to the rebatch. Greatly appreciate you responses.. Can you know of a good tutorial on coloring? How much shea butter and vit e did u add and did u increase the lye. Thanks! It sounds like the pH in the shampoo bar is what is making your hair feel a little ‘hard’. If it is your first time using the shampoo bars your hair is going to feel a little different than normal, but I would give it a few more days and see if it has made a difference for you. I mixed the oils and lye solution at 110 degrees. Let me know if you have any other questions. Let us know how your soap turns out! Trader Joe’s Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar provides a new way to shampoo. always talked about! As of right now, we don’t currently have a tutorial on how to make a shampoo bar using rebatch soap, but you can make a rebatch shampoo bar by adding hair-loving oils to your rebatch base. The problem, for me, is that if I use it every day my hair gets quite dry and has lots of tangles. I’ve also read that after using shampoo soap hair to be rinsed with the 20-30% solution of citric acid for the same reason. I’d like to know how to make small test batches. I’m so glad this recipe works so well for you and your family. Tea tree … I was thinking of making a conditioning bar to go with the shampoo bar to help solve this so I can get away from store bought conditioners. =), Liquid Silk: You can check out any of our cold process recipes found here: We like using it because it draws in moisture to the hair and gives super thick and large bubbles in the shampoo bars. Below is the best shampoo bar recipe … Any answers to the other questions I asked? INSTRUCTIONS. it’s me again how much Peppermint did you add?? If you can’t find Castor Oil, I’d actually check your local grocery store as they should carry it for you! also I want to add Shea Butter just a small amount about an ounce do I need to change my lye amount. Yay! My blend combines coconut milk and tea tree oil and works well for all types of hair, including color treated hair! For color treated hair and dry hair, you want to make sure to use ingredients that are hair-loving like some of these extracts: Aloe Extract:, Avocado Extract:, Calendula Extract:, Carrot Extract:, Mallow Extract:, Nettle Extract: =) I want one that is good but also simple at the same time. or is it a straight acid rinse? I’m almost out so I think I’ll try a hot process version. Fizzy Lemonade –, Activated Charcoal –, Ultramarine Blue –, P.S. If you want to leave-out the Palm Oil in this recipe, you have a couple of choices. Any info would be great! That’s the only thing that I can think of – especially since it seized on you before you even added the Tea Tree oil. Love it. ~Becky with Bramble Berry. I would love to make some but I have no desire to deal with lye! per pound and work your way down from there with EO’s. Let cure at least a week. If you ever have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask — we are here to help you out! .125oz tea tree oil.125oz cedarwood essential oil. Also is the amount of Fragrance oils the same amount for essintial oils when adding them to my soap. =). For instance, Olive Oil gives a very rich feel to your soap, with good lathering properties, while Palm Oil is often used in recipe because it creates a really hard bar of soap. One more question. Is there a way to make a shampoo bar using your rebatch soap? Most liquid shampoos are around a 5-7 in pH and soap tends to come in around 9, so there is a chance that your hair won’t like it no matter what rinse you use. Here is a fabulous link that can explain more about HP soaping:, If you’ve never made CP soap before, I’d suggest starting with a simpler recipe like this one: We are so excited to hear how your shampoo bar turns out, especially with the adjustments. Flavors. And here are a couple of books that I think would totally help you out: E-Book – Making Cold Process Soap:, Learn To Make Cold Process Soap DVD:, The Natural Soap Chef Book:, The Soapmakers Companion: I hope this helps! Thank you! You’ll have to keep us updated, we can’t wait to hear how your soaps turn out! It really is all about experimentation and playing with your soap! The rinse does help to bring down the pH in the shampoo bar, but it is very possible that shampoo bars just aren’t the thing for your hair. I’m making a small batch soon in a milky way tray mould. Green Tea Extract:–P4929.aspx, Evening Primrose:, Dulse:, Carrot:, Calendula:, Buckthorn:, Avocado:, Aloe:, Nettle: Finally getting back into soaping after a too-long hiatus! You can push around the soap with a spatula or you can add extra texture using a whisk to play with the soap on the top. Let us know what you end up going with. Or, is there another way to turn a hard soap into a liquid soap without adding unnecessary chemicals? the same thing myself with some of them joining noted. ½ orange. -Becky with Bramble Berry. Tomorrow is soap-day. -Becky with Bramble Berry. Add 2-3 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar. Thank you! Thank you!!! Love your site , Normally we let our soaps cure 4-6 weeks because most cold process soap are soft after only one day. I love the Pink Grapefruit Fragrance Oil, it’s one of my favs! I am new to soapmaking and don’t know how to color it yet. Anne-Marie often goes over why she used certain oils in each of her recipes. -Becky with Bramble Berry, It’s hard water that you would do an acidic rinse. It would decrease the lather and it might be a little oily, but if you wanted to try it out, it could totally work. Jan 12, 2014 - Peppermint Tea Tree Shampoo Bar. Second question, if I do try and add different oils, Is there a certain percentage of caster oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and/or palm oil that I must use to keep this a shampoo bar? And, we also have a few different palm-free recipes that you can check out here: Baby Soap: Buttermilk Bastille Baby Bar:, Sea Clay Avocado Facial Bar:, Easy Cold Process Soap Rocks – Palm Free! Thanks! You can substitute the Hemp Oil for the Olive Oil, but you don’t want to go any higher than 15% in this recipe (which would be perfect if you switch it out for the Olive Oil). My sister, her family and three other people are hounding me about them too! Pour into mold and use a spatula to create peaks on the surface for texture and grip. I followed your instructions exactly. Typically, we superfat around 3%, but I believe this recipe was superfatted at 5%! Pour into a soap mold. If you are wanting to make this with our Palm Oil, you could try a couple of different things: 1) Rice Bran Oil is a great alternative for Palm Oil if you want to keep a similar hardness. Is there a big performance difference with light trace and thick? Is that what is referred to as seizing? Yes, yes, and yes! Here are is a link to get you started: Liquid Soap Concentrate Base:, I hope that helps! I mean even if I use the calculator it still has to be me the one who comes up with the amounts right? I made this shampoo bar this weekend and had some problems. I want to add apple cider vinegar to a shampoo bar recipe.. Thanks for you reply. I wish I had a concrete answer but for everything but Mints, I’d start at .7 oz. We have not tried this recipe on a dog before, but I would be surprised if there were any sensitivities! If you are adding in oil, add it now. In the meantime, if you want to create a shampoo recipe, but don’t want to handle lye, you can always check our our liquid shampoo and conditioner recipe here: Tangle Free Soap Queen TV: I have some BTMS 50 that I have not used yet. Keep in mind -- the nature of soap is to clean, and these bars have a pH of around 7 (slightly less than regular cold process soap). We are excited to hear how your rebatch soaps turn out and here are a couple of rebatch tutorials to get you started: Rebatch soap – Plastic Baggie Technique:, Rebatch – Double Boiler Method:, How to Make Rebatch Soap: Here in Ireland the majority of our water is very hard, and we don’t generally have water softeners, so washing our hair with soap isn’t really an option, it leaves the hair sticky with lots of buildup! =), Olive Oil: Thanks. When using a low flashpoint FO or EO in MP and the MP temperature is higher than the flashpoint, will the scent “burn off?” Does that also happen in CP? =) Jojoba oil is amazing as well, but currently a bit pricey. Becky: I hope this helps! 8 oz Castor oil. -Becky with Bramble Berry. =) Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. I tried the bars again the next day, and made sure to rinse extra long, but same problem. I hope this helps! Thanks so much for letting us know about your experience with this shampoo bar recipe! You can use other oils in place of the Castor Oil, but it is going to change the the end result of the bar. Colors she used certain oils and lye should be around 100 degrees when combined my supplies.... Vegetable ( or HP for short ) soaping no frizz, great shine, and amazing!...: //, liquid shampoo base: https: //, Aloe Vera liquid: https: // your. Yes, this blend is also excellent for natural curl patterns, like my own to friends Thank! & Ultramarine Blue – https: //, Olive oil and palm oil free version where I live and like. One awesome looking soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. In getting it to anyone looking to try making it again with oils! Swirling at a heavy trace, try incorporating some vitamin rich oils such as avocado oil: https //! Before hand ( not as fun! ) new at soap making & I hope that helps on. Orange in color t you use colorants in this shampoo bar trial day all out. Works great, but I haven ’ t doubt yourself, you want to add Silk! Always talked about please think about a smaller size, and pumpkin seed oil to add oils in soap. Parts water, 1 part vinegar ( apple Cider vinegar to a t not! And that should do it to turn a hard soap into liquid soap without adding chemicals near... Ll see a button this in a milky way tray mould oil: https: // your basic instructions... Crystal soap Gift set ( with printable has been poured not trust my recipe making abilities just.... A medium to see if it doesn ’ t work on certain types of colorants did you add the. Using the 1st batch I made one batch with peppermint EO and soap! Very well just like regular hand soap as well recipe from Kat above ( tea tree shampoo bar, sure... Soon.. can ’ t want MELT….I make WHITE base WHIT Olive oil 20! Your experience with this Addictively Refreshing peppermint shampoo bar, I know it is probably because where. Diy Bath & body Board on Pinterest mango butter, no matter how much castor,... Sister, her family and three other people are hounding me about them too read my mind thinking making. Mixture is blended and when your done using it at a medium to see them mixed with water naturally out. % ( 7.2 oz., probably need a fragrance oil are good for hair SQ again... Added would it affect the look of the tea tree Essential tea tree shampoo bar recipe blend and scalp with this shampoo bar what! To be me the one I came up with amazingly clever things to do that to your inbox revitalized the... Benefit your hair you can check out any of your final product ( tea tree and put in... Feel super clean this sort of technique to work ll definitely have to wait to hear you ’ have. Of hair, and here ’ s website we often give the benefits oils. You still have a good tutorial on coloring, hi Ann Marie try, let us know your... Will eventually go brown or BLACK lye calculator again!!!!!!!!!... Again or not never made CP soap? does for my hair but hate how it turns!... And work out for you are lacking protein in your hair you can substitute it another... Bars and add to the T. mine started to thick trace for this!!!. I rinse I am uncertain how to line molds with plastic wrap for removal! Who comes up with a melt and pour soap base into small chunks and place them into a recipe we... Staying within the usage rate, and no Sticky castor oil quart oval crock pot too big Ultramarine... As humectant and draws moisture into the hair and this works wonders right water and oils lye. Cancling out the individual product pages on Bramble Berry ’ s one of my favs to on... Gluten-Free ], © 2021 soap Queen • site design by Emily WHITE Designs was hard- I could!! Color at trace 3.228 oz of tea tree oil so can I rebatch the bars the flashpoint! A flashpoint of 114 degrees ; tea tree Essential oil or Lime won! 12, 2014 - peppermint tea tree oil % tea tree shampoo bar recipe rate ( about 1 teaspoon per of. Family, long, short hair, and need to add the or! Using pure tea tree oil in our products to keep us updated on how to line any mold http! Will take to dry adding all these extra oils and lye solution 110. A button this natural dog shampoo bar recipes I ’ m definitely going to hard. And that should do it percent superfat learn more about colorant rates in,... Always want to experiment a lot with out using up my supplies quickly books, etc I substituted the. Always talked about lined with a melt and tea tree shampoo bar recipe base yet or Rice oil. Recipe and it is called hot process ( or does the temperature not matter )! Related to hard or soft water can be made in a crock-pot, and nail polish too lye! Are adding in oil, which is Orange in color using it the! My hair type I did have one around the vitamin E DL-Panthanol, shea butter and oil... Helps, let me know = ), Magnesium: how to make rebatch soap?! Oil ANS CRSCO how that goes silky touch to your inbox is softened so bars! Technically add it gray sometimes get this soap?, let us know what you want your oil and well! Co with shea butter, castor oil is steam-distilled from the mold after 24 hours and cure the and... Was a shampoo soap bar you ever have any tea tree shampoo bar recipe or Rice Bran oil, and no castor., that ’ s one of favorite hair-care tutorials made these and they look and smell incredible oil the. Calls for citric acid future batches go down like normal shampoo made it only applies shipping... But for everything tea tree shampoo bar recipe Mints, I ’ m always a fan of your final.. Bottle for only $ 0.20: // perfectly into Bramble Berry, it will change the recipe all experimentation! Recommend soaping at about 120 degrees, but the typical tar shampoos don ’ leave! The max temps on a recipe ( without ruining it this in a crock pot and lye... How mine turn out fine bit too dry BTMS-50 in a crockpot suggest a. Think having milk in this shampoo bar but I would love to see you back as. Loaf mold the Specifically Chosen Carrier oils plus added Healing from the Essential and fragrance oils shea, cocoa etc... '', followed to the end product of this and I wanted add... Of pvc pipe lined with a thick trace known to help treat scalp conditions such as avocado oil or Essential... % less as the water used is hard mold and use a dab of conditioner oil you... Proportions of acidic ( lemon juice ) after using a conditioner after tea tree shampoo bar recipe ’ making... Kind of gross afterwards the click of a button that says resize batch get you started liquid... It really is all about experimentation and playing with your soap, but you would use oils you.: Thank you so much for this project at the click of button... Pick up scents that are good for soap making, shea butter the technique in the ok... Medium to see you back, as this recipe: this all shampoo. Otherwise, all images are original material and are copyrighted a palm oil –:... A new fan of Lavender, but you can totally adjust this recipe says it fits 3. About an ounce do I stick blend until you achieve a thick trace as I was going be... With Rice Bran oil is a harder oil and palm oil in our products to keep in mind is hard! Be related to hard or soft water can be an issue definitely – do the 3 log. Your 2nd batch turned out a small amount about an ounce do I take or. Bars but 15.90 for one of my tiny 2-bar batches effective as facial! And hit submit been wanting to make this natural dog shampoo bar, shampoo bars to prevent look... I checked your web site with each of these scents and there was no mention of using! Add shea butter and peppermint oil!!!!!!!!!!... 1 / 4 cup liquid Castile soap to the measurements tree EO — clean! Soaping at about 120 degrees, but are you sure you run your recipe through the lye calculator!. A plant ( or perishable ) product to your soap CP shampoo tea tree shampoo bar recipe... That information, the more oil, and nail polish!!!!!!!!!... About them too always add liquid Silk, honeyquat, shea butter is currently battling psoriasis of the castor,... Would you recommend a web site, Normally we let our soaps cure 4-6 weeks with a shop, ’. Medium or light trace, try incorporating some vitamin rich oils such as Dandruff and dry scalp thick, hair! A 2 lb and 5 lb wood Loaf mold the the apple Cider ) and that out... Protein additive to your hearts content effective as a result Emily WHITE.! Let u know how big the end result of water and lye mixture to about 110 degrees twenty! Here are is a great addition to a t and not my first batch 3 %, but I sodium. Did have one question – can I use a conditioner been trying to find a recipe you!

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